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I don’t know, maybe a little Russian too.” Second: “And by the way, how old are you?

” She replied, “Old enough to get into a club.” I said, “Haha wait wait, you’re that young? The street has a lot of crazies, so you need to disarm her in the first second and let her know you are a cool, normal guy. If she stops to talk to you for half-a-minute then she can stop and talk indefinitely. It doesn’t have to be with great jokes, but you need to keep the energy light and fun, like you would in any other situation.

” She came to a stop and started throwing out names of bars.

I said, “Well we just came from around there and it’s pretty dead tonight. I saw you walking and just wanted to talk to you.” She gave off one of those ‘A-ha I knew it! The energy of the conversation changed for the better and without too much of a pause I asked her where she was coming from.

I completely dropped my initial intention of looking for a bar and just kept the conversation going like I would if I had started talking to her inside one.

I announce to the world In this book Nick Krauser lays out the full plan. You won’t be driving a sports car, and you certainly won’t be spending any money on the girls. All I will see is my royalties when they show up in my bank account.

Finally I’m able to put into words, into a step-by-step guide, the entirety of the Krauser Daygame Model. The entirety of the book’s publishing and distribution is outsourced to Lulu, so any ordering queries should be addressed to them.