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Naming practices often select one type of placement in a system where several are used; there are many subways with above-ground components, and on the other hand, the Vancouver Sky Train and Chicago 'L' include underground sections.Historic posters referred to Chicago's Red & Blue lines (then called the State Street & Milwaukee/Dearborn lines) as "the subway lines".Take a look at their website for more details or to book your place.A rapid transit system is an electric railway characterized by high speed and rapid acceleration.

St Nicholas Hospice have a number of courses coming up in the next couple of months including Malnutrition, palliative care emergencies, enabling self care of persistent pain, syring pump training, nurse verification of expected death and others.

Bus subways are sometimes built to provide an exclusive right-of-way for bus rapid transit lines, such as the MBTA Silver Line in Boston.

These are usually called by the term bus rapid transit.

Originally, the term rapid transit was used in the 1800s to describe new forms of quick urban public transportation that had a right-of-way separated from street traffic.

This set rapid transit apart from horsecars, trams, streetcars, omnibuses, and other forms of public transport.