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After he went undrafted, Jones was heavily recruited by three teams, including the Seahawks and Raiders, but chose to come to Dallas because he felt there was a better chance to make the team.

They’ve met up here and there throughout the summer – Amber was on hand for Jones’ NFL debut in the Hall of Fame Game – but their relationship over the last few weeks has been shared largely on Face Time.“It’s Face Time every day,” he said. Go to meetings, leave out of the first practice, Face Time.

And oh, by the way, he got married to his high school sweetheart, Amber, midway through college, and last season, as a fifth-year senior, he welcomed his baby daughter into the world, Scarlette.“It wasn’t easy, not at all,” said Jones. And then having a wife and having a child at the end, it was a lot. For us, at Northwestern, the academic system and the tutor system we have, there was no way that we shouldn’t graduate.

It was impossible for us to fail, to be honest with you.”That intelligence and determination, though, is now helping Jones in his battle to make the Cowboys roster this season.

If the coaches didn’t call him, he was off the hook.

If they did, well …“I went to visit my dad in Georgia,” Jones remembered, “but she said, ‘If they call, you’re going to fly back.’ I think I spent two or three days in Georgia when my mom called and said I had to come back.”There was likely never any doubt.