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Defence Minister Quentin Davies submitted an invoice for more than £20,000 to repair the bell tower and a lead gutter at his country home, but after the expenses scandal broke last May, he told Commons officials he never meant to claim for the tower.But on May 18 he sent a letter insisting he 'emphatically was not seeking any reimbursement' for the bell tower.Adult dating websites have gotten a bad name for online scammers, fake profiles and overcharging.My Bed or Yours are committed to delivering a first class service backed by our award winning customer support team who are a phone call away, something not many adult dating sites offer, real customer support by real people not a frustrating automated ticketing system.Records for his phone bills revealed he had made three lengthy calls to Canterbury, one which went on for 1hr and 44minutes on March 27 2008.The bulk of Mr Cameron's claim was made up by the £1,081 monthly mortgage interest payment on his second home, though there were also claims for phone bills, gas, electricity, heating oil, insurance and council tax.To qualify, they merely have to clock in once a day.

But as the expenses scandal broke three months later, with its embarrassing revelations over MPs claiming for duck houses and moats, he rushed to clarify to officials that he had never wanted the money for the bell tower.

Last night Mr Davies, MP for Grantham and Stafford, insisted that he only wanted the taxpayer to fund work to the roof of his mansion, but submitted all the receipts - including those relating to work on the bell tower - to help Commons officials in their calculation.

'I did not claim however in respect of it and I never had any intention of doing so.

Government ministers in the Lords are not entitled to living expenses on top of their ministerial salaries.

But Business Secretary Lord Mandelson, who is in charge of the Royal Mail, claimed £201 for stamps.