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Under the revised rules, review of offenders for an award of SSC is pursuant to 20 Ill. Code 107.210, "Awarding of Supplemental Sentence Credit." For an offender to be eligible for an award of SSC, first and foremost, he or she must have served more than 60 days in IDOC custody and be serving a sentence for offenses that are not excluded from an award pursuant to Section 3-6-3(a)(3) of the Code of Corrections (730 ILCS 5/3-6-3(a)(3)).

Additionally, some offenders, by the nature of their current commitment offenses, will only be eligible for up to 90 days of SSC pursuant to Section 3-6-3(a)(3) of the Code of Corrections.

This eliminated a subjective determination by members of the Parole and Pardon Board as to when or why an inmate could be released from prison.

Determinate sentencing became effective in February 1978.

For example, an offender who received a 4 year sentence for burglary would serve 50% of his sentence by statute, or 2 years.

Not all offenders are eligible for programming credit; for instance, offenders convicted of violent and Class X crimes are not eligible but may still be able to participate in such programming.

Offenders earn one-half day off their sentence for each day of participation in such programs if they successfully complete the programs (Example: if an eligible offender completes a drug treatment program that is 30-days in duration, he may be awarded 15-days off his sentence).

Offenders may lose program sentence credit based on bad behavior while in custody.

Other inmates serve a specific amount of time and are released after serving a percentage of their sentence.

Top of Page The Illinois General Assembly passed legislation in 1977 that changed the state's sentencing laws.