Lesbian dating massachusetts

Once the numbers had been crunched by my i Phone calculator’s research team, the yield was 32 lesbians that I am aware of at the University of Massachusetts, give or take a few. Using this as an example of a high sample—this is the Happy Valley after all—I concluded that, yes, the lesbian dating pool is actually just a blow-up kiddie pool.A companion theory to the kiddie pool concept is that lesbians are not tied to the traditional milestones associated with age in society, and therefore women of different ages can be at the same life-stages.

The Allure poll also showed 73 percent of LGBT respondents think that “women have more pressure to look young now than they did 10 years ago,” highlighting that queers are less concerned with the societal stress on looking young.You talk all the time, and you have a bunch in common.You’ve started making subtle yet flirty remarks to test the waters, to which she giggles, but never quite reciprocates.I myself, being a tangential member of the lesbian blogosphere, conducted an unofficial poll on this very subject.I took the number of lesbians I knew, multiplied that by the number of ex-girlfriends each mentioned, and then subtracted a solid twelve for probable overlap.