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"When one gives advice there's an implication that one knows what the fuck one is talking about," Jay Baruchel says.

"I've got a big mouth, but I always try to be humble. Whether people take with a grain of salt is up to them."The actor and comedian does, actually, have some sage advice to give, mostly because he's always listened to his mom.

"I answered these to the best of my ability," Baruchel says of the fan queries posed to him in our recurring Ask A Comedian feature.

"Really the person you should be asking advice from is my mother.

RT: Sounds like there may be some emotional depths to that, too, then. To quote Simon Rich, this is the season we’ve earned. And it makes me want to try harder because he’s out there pounding the pavement, beating the living s— out of himself just to make people laugh. For me, I swear to god, I didn’t think we’d get to do more than a pilot because it’s so earnest and weird and unique and its own thing.

We’ve done two years tracking and building and also living in moments, but I also think that we now have a bit of an infrastructure under us and a world that we’ve created, and so now we get to visit that world and we get to surprise people. When you’re faced with that, it’s kind of hard not to be inspired by it. For those reasons alone, those are usually adjectives mentioned after a show gets cancelled.

We’re all incredibly proud and we all take ownership of it. But my personal favorite stuff about Josh is his inherently petty [perspective]. He’s a good lad, and his heart and his intentions are always on the right side of things, without fail.

RT: What’s your personal favorite thing about navigating Josh’s story? That being said, he’s gotten his ass kicked a bunch of times and has his issues about it, and so sometimes his priorities are out of whack, and that’s when I have the most fun — is when Josh gets fixated on something that is of no import to anybody, and it ruins his whole f—in’ thing. RT: The Season 3 premiere had Josh getting to know Lucy’s roommates, only to be met by border patrol as an “illegal” boyfriend.

I, like anybody else in the developed world, am incredibly nervous about the next few years to come.That’s the central question going into season 3 of , which premiered last week with “Futon” and introduced us to Lucy (Katie Findlay), Josh’s long-sought live-in girlfriend. It’s a testament to Simon [Rich] and our entire creative team that we can do as hard a pivot as we do this year and still make a show that is authentically . We had done such a great job of doing our take on the degradation of being single and dating and humiliation and all that good stuff.For those worried about the lack of blind dates with trolls and talking condoms begging to be used, there’s still plenty of surrealist, live-action cartoon fun at play here that captures the series’ distinct humor and makes it even stronger. But to see what these same minds’ take was on what it is to live with someone long-term and to try to share a life together…. that can check all those same boxes that Josh did and then some is no small task.Rotten Tomatoes caught up with Baruchel to chat about bringing Lucy into the Benjamin Lindsay for Rotten Tomatoes: This season is a lot different in the sense that it’s more “man finds woman” than “man seeking woman.” Tell us a bit about what’s in store for viewers. This is all to say that as crazy as it ever got when Josh was single, it gets so much f—ing crazier now that he has a woman living with him, which I think would be in keeping with most people’s experiences. I think they did an incredible job in crafting Lucy and finding a human being with blood and emotion and nuance and contradictory emotions and all the things that make a real person a real person.RT: One of my favorite things is that, yes, it’s a different spin on Josh’s perspective, but then you also get this entirely new perspective with Lucy. Baruchel: It’s not an easy task because our show is nothing if not specific. I think all of that was really on paper in a big way, and then Katie Findlay shows up and just takes the f—in’ baton and runs home right to the gold medal at the podium. The audience falls in love with her and sees why Josh does; the audience roots for her and seamlessly ends up being right beside her on her journey. And throughout every year, he’s been incredibly kind and welcoming and has brought me into the room the past few seasons.