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Fate the 2 contenders are connected to Jin Se Yeon, Lee Jong Suk and her known as hoonhee couple because they worked together in Doctor Stranger while Kim So Yeon was cameo in High End Crush the best web drama of Jin Se Yeon wooh..

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This drama were challenging to them, congratulations they all level up, job well done. congrats Jin Se-Yeon this drama is blessing for you and to your cast mate, you nominated deasang and you winning excellent actress in special project (The Flower In Prison) regards to your cast mate I love this excellente cast.Highly Recommended Drama, must thrilled and laughing at the same time, Tae Won (Go Soo) Ok-Nyeo (Jin Se Yun), young and senior cast are good, other reason that I missed, the bff tandem of Shorry J and Jin Se Yun and laughing moment of supporting cast saranghae... Thank you baby girl I'm so proud of you, you really a excellente and great korean actress.2016 is good year to you and you share your happiness and achievement to your family, friends and fans and God is with you.btw I'm so suprised when baeby Jin Se-Yeon is nominated in Daesang Award that is very honored, means she lead better her drama, from the start I haven't any doubt to Jin Se-Yeon's acting because even she needed to improved, but if her drama is deserving best she improved much good, Jin Se-Yeon is next great actress, she learning in her every performances... Have a nice and very bright 2017 again baby girl and to The Flower in Prison buddies Kashamida! Ok-Nyeo and YTW really has a great chemistry eventhough there is not a lot of skinship... one thing though, it would been better if there's a bit more details on the connection between Park Tae Soo, Queen Dowager, Sung Ji hoon's parents, including when Park Tae Soo received the Ming's Royal Decree. There wasnt much chemistry between ok nyeo and tae won. Seo ha Jun was pretty good, he deserved those awards.