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I waddled around, sweating and short of breath, battling extremely high cholesterol and suffering from chronic indigestion.

I was always tired and needed to take naps every afternoon.

But I’m sure she would have approved of everything else about our new diet because her generation knew how to eat properly.

That’s a skill we have forgotten, brain-washed as we are by government and medical propaganda.

On one occasion, she watched in astonishment as a celebrity TV chef made an egg-white omelette. While Ancel Keys, the scientist whose research in the Fifties first raised concerns about cholesterol levels, suggested that heart disease was linked to large amounts of cholesterol in the blood, he never claimed those levels were linked to the amount of cholesterol we eat.

Gran survived into her 80s and Grandad into his 70s, despite labouring down the pit his whole working life.

Did they achieve this by gobbling low-fat spreads, soya oil or skimmed milk?

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For years, we gave the NHS every chance to find out what was wrong with us and get us well.

But doctors didn’t and couldn’t — perhaps because they wouldn’t even consider that our apparently healthy diet might be the problem.

Admittedly, the absence of bread is one aspect of our new diet that might have caused Gran to ask if I had gone ‘soft in the ’ead’.

In her day, they needed lots of carbohydrates to fuel their physically demanding lives, but we are far more sedentary.