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My favorites are the ones with user names that are so unappealing, you don’t need to click on their profile to find out why they are single (toohot4u and boobietrap spring to mind.) Not surprisingly, I tried to convert her to the wonderful shallow world of Tinder, because at least it’ll take you 18 text exchanges to figure out that “Doug, 28″ thinks he’s toohot4u.

A perfect case in point that sometimes when it comes to revealing yourself in an online dating profile comes from this Casanova: A guy who has the longest list of “dating deal breakers” ever to be contrived.

"Seriously, if he can make me laugh and is confident, he's in. Take any other physical characteristic -- weight, hair color, size of...

certain body parts -- and casually listing it as a non-negotiable dating requirement would strike the average person as at least kind of shallow and crass, if not offensively discriminatory.

I know this, because last night my roommate (who is on, showed me the numerous profiles she’s matched with online.

Some guys sound like completely obnoxious pretentious twats in their profiles, while others don’t know how to wear a picture without wearing sunglasses.

I know, though, that I’m just not of those forgiving, patient people, end of story. If he’s into Asian/any other minority fetishism These guys are just one step away from ordering a mail order bride and/or locking you in their basement. This might be pretty obvious, but if they lean in for a kiss and declare that you plant one on them in a totally non-joking way, just run. If you’re married yourself, then, seriously, you are on a direct flight to wreck-your-life-ville). Nothing says “pretentious asshole” like joining a Jorge Luis Borges reading group under the age of 24. These are the types of guys who read Maxim and don’t understand irony. If they have a tendency to make you feel cornered in any way when it comes to sharing private details about yourself. Because he considers himself well traveled, he uses the word “Americans” to describe the other people in this country, as though he’s not one'regardless that he’s from some bourgie suburb. He doesn’t think girls are funny, and then tries to prove his point by throwing it back in your face that you don’t see the humor in the fact that you are not amused by it. Here are 18 signs that you should run far, far away: is arguably, a classic piece of modern literature.However, to use this as one’s personal bible is a classic and essential ingredient of the heinously pseudo intellectual, self-righteous egomaniac.This DOES NOT mean that one should not or can not be capable of being attracted to someone who does not meet conventional standards of beauty. I once went out on a blind date (BTW, hardly ever a good idea)with a dude who turned out to have, for lack of a better description, seriously large donkey-like ears and teeth that looked like little pieces of coal. I know, though, I would have been doing a disservice to another girl out there who likes that sort of thing, had I just gone along with it. Had he been more attractive personality-wise, perhaps I would’ve been more able to overlook those things.