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Not in a tour-the-world Eat, Pray, Love sort of way, but in a figure-out-what-you-love-to-do-and-do-it way.

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Historically, the 311 code was used by some telephone companies for testing purposes.

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Karen might have thought they were too good to sit at home on a computer hard drive after the group’s second wind following last year’s “Mosquito.” Or maybe it’s just a favour to the Strokes’ Julian Casablancas, whose new Cult Records label is releasing the album and could do with a blockbuster name on their roster. “Rapt” is a warming glimpse at another side to the raucous, screaming figure Karen cuts in YYYs.

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They have a daughter together named Harper, who actually plays Maxie's daughter on the show as well.

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The concept of meeting Russian brides online is a fairly recent phenomenon but finding mail order brides overseas is centuries old.

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