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In In Search of the Kingdom of Lou-Ian, you will learn of the lost kingdom of Lo Li-lan, which vanished into the sands of the desert when the nearby lake Lop Nor moved away!You will join the first journey in halt a century to seek Lou-Ian from Yan-guan on the eastern tip of the Taklamakan Desert, 1,200 miles west of Xi-an, in a secure military zone normally forbidden to visitors.Silk Road has been aired to huge critical acclaim in over 25 countries, and remains to this day the highest rated documentary series in Japan's television history In Glories of Ancient Chang-an you will visit modern day Xi-an, formerly Chang-an, thie starting point of the Silk Road and the world's largest city when it was the capital of Tan Dynasty China in the seventh century.You will see the incredible Clay Army of Emperor Oin Huang Di, who united China and buit the Great Wall.This legendary lost city was obliterated from the face of the Earth by Genghis Khan, who exterminated the Tangut people who built it.Buried by the Gobi sands, it was unearthed by the Russian explorer Koslov, who took its artworks to the Hermitage.

Visit to the local ice house in the heat of mid-summer. ) and a remarkable assertion that Uighurs have little furniture in their houses today because once (hundreds of years ago! A little about history of Khotan as a Buddhist center before the arrival of Islam in tenth century.Spectacular ruins of city of Gaochang (Kocho) with a fair amount on history and culture and some pictures of important artifacts including Manichaean and Nestorian paintings. Impressive T'ang era fortress of Jiaohe (Yarkhoto) on a large plateau, but minimal comment on its history.Importance of grape harvest and raisins to the local economy; shows process of drying the raisins.In The Art Gallery in the Desert, you will tour the world-famous Ma-gao Caves at Dun-Huang-over 500 caves, more than 30 miles in length, with 3,000 murals and statues-in the middle of the Gobi Desertt Dating from 366 AD, and encompassing the art styles of Greece, India and the many dynasties of China.these caves hand-tunnelled into the Mingsha Mountains are a tour-deforce of religious art, They exemplify man's striving to create a legacy of his accomplishments and beliefs.